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physical activity for hire


how i can help you.


I'm available to provide professional development, personal training, speaking, team building, brand advocacy...heck, if it relates to making people happier and healthier, I'm all in! I love to be a sounding board for new ideas, provide strategic recommendations, and even freely share my vast network in hopes of connecting people that can make some magic together.

I'm ready to help you discover your physical powers.


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professional development

Customized professional development helping to meet the needs of an individual school, district, state, or other community group.  Half day and full day options available.  Contact for pricing and availability.  



curriculum development

Consultation, review, and development of materials that meet the needs of students at any grade level.  Contact for pricing and assistance.




Professional consulting needs in the area of physical activity, physical education, physical literacy, and fitness.  Assistance in creating more active environments and how to increase awareness.  



team building

Assistance in creating a stronger working environment within any group, whether you are a school community or in a corporate setting.  This is a great way to start the school year or end the week.



personal training

Fitness consultation, program design, for corporations, individuals and families.  Available for adults, children of all ages, and families.  



physical activity - Before, during, and after school

Assistance in creating comprehensive school physical activity environments through research, advocacy, and evaluation of current community.  In-person trainings, keynote, and webinars available.  

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Wisconsin Health and Physical Education Conference

keynote speaker

Presentations available for groups of all sizes; district or state level conferences and meetings.  Topics include:

You are the Why to my What; Perceptions and the Key to Happiness

Should Life be Fair?





It’s been a pleasure to know and work with Pam Powers as a physical education teacher (NASPE Teacher of the Year), Let’s Move! Active Schools staff member, and now consultant. Pam is a true physical education expert and very talented teacher/trainer/presenter. Her energy and passion have no bounds. She can get anyone excited about school physical education and physical activity — and the joy of movement. Pam has an extensive professional network so she is a great connector. Most importantly, Pam is a great person!
— Charlene Burgeson Executive Director, Active Schools